All photos are available to license for publication and to order as signed fine art prints.

Commissions and assignments undertaken.

Anthony is best contacted via his sculpture website.


  •   Large format hardcover edition (349 x 267 mm)
  •   ISBN: 9789082385700
  •   English text, 288 pages
  •   Printed in Italy
  •   €44,95- incl tax (full price)

Anthony is the co-creator of a large format photo book celebrating the beautiful Dutch tall ship, the Stad Amsterdam. The book ‘Stad Amsterdam’ was launched at the SAIL Amsterdam 2015 festival by the Mayor of Amsterdam and Prince Maurits of the Netherlands; to read more please visit the website.

The book can be ordered through the website for delivery in the Netherlands and Belgium or ordered worldwide via Amazon UK (and Amazon France, Germany, Spain and Italy).


Anthony Smith grew up in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates and was educated in the UK. A passion for biology led him to study Zoology at Cambridge University, after which he set up an art studio and began a career creating bronze sculptures for private and public clients around the world. In 2009-2010 he spent eight months sailing around the world, co-presenting a television documentary about Charles Darwin’s voyage aboard HMS Beagle. He has been the Artist in Residence in both the Falkland Islands and South Georgia, and now spends several months each year travelling in the Arctic and Antarctic, guiding, lecturing, and working on his ever-expanding photographic portfolio.

Publications & Commissions include: National Geographic Society, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, Nikon NL, Scientific American, New Scientist, The Times, BBC News, Science Magazine, and Die Zeit. His first book – Stad Amsterdam – was published in 2015 to critical acclaim.

In 2015 he was the winner of the BBC Wildlife Photographic Grant.

“At its best, photography has the power to tear us away from the normal routines of life and make us stop and think. It can even help us reassess the way we view the world … That’s what I strive to achieve with my work – to fuel a lasting appreciation for this amazing planet and the endless beauty it contains.”